Care & Support

For the vulnerable & elderly

That extra bit of support

At Taskable we wanted to create a safe and trustworthy environment that allows those that are elderly or vulnerable to list their everyday chores to a network of workers that are happy to help. From vetting each worker to monitoring the tasks that are listed on our platform, our team is dedicated towards making each transaction a safe and secure one.

Have someone post tasks on your behalf

If you’re not a fan of technology but have a loved one that has a smartphone or laptop then they can list tasks on your behalf. Its super simple and easy for them to sign up.

Safety & Security

At Taskable we value both safety and the privacy of all of our users. 



ID Verfication

We review and process all of our worker’s passport or driving license information.


DBS Check

We conduct the necessary DBS checks for tasks that require additional secuirty clearance.


Task Monitoring

We monitor the tasks featured on our platform to promote an ethical and secure trading environment. 


Complete Transparency

We encourage genuine feedback to ensure that our users have an unbiased view of each worker’s performance.

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